Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rhinoceros Can Fly

Did you know that one of the biggest animals on earth can fly? You didn't? And, if you have seen an rhinoceros fly, does this mean you are the only one? Well, this isn't as strange as you think.
Alright, maybe rhinoceros really can't fly but here is the point. Perceptions are the big reason that a lot of people see things that others do not see. Take the office environment for example where employees are constantly complaining about the unrealistic demands of their boss. Are their perceptions, or how they view the demands of their jobs, the real truth or are they simply the imaginations of those employees? Some of their feelings may be real and some may not. The point is, however, if you feel that your boss is overly demanding then they are. It doesn't matter what the truth is; the fact is because this is your perception no matter what your boss does or doesn't do, your perception is your reality.
Perceptions play a significant role in our lives each and ever day no matter who or where you are. In fact, your perceptions will rule first before logic, fact, or truth. Perceptions are difficult to change. These thoughts enter your mind from the start of the day to the end. If you think you are going to have a lousy day where everything that can go wrong will then, in most cases, this is what you'll get. If you think that you will never get out of your current rut, then this is where you will undoubtedly stay.
So, what's the answer? Who will help you change your perception? You may not want to hear this but the only person who can change your perception is you. It is not up to anyone else; not your spouse, children, bosses, friends or family. You make the choice on a daily basis of what you believe to be the case, or what you feel won't be the situation. Thousands of people are stuck in the perception that they are owed a better future, a better job, or a better more rewarding relationship. Nothing, unfortunately for those looking for a magical cure, can be further from reality.
The only person responsible and accountable of who you are, what you will be, or what you can have is up to you. You are in control. You decide what your life will not only look like but actually what it will be. Dreaming that some miracle will happen won't get it done; hoping that others will change before you do is only fooling yourself. And, not only is this fooling yourself but you are not taking responsibility. You are really giving control of your life to circumstances or to others.
Take control; change your own perceptions; take action that will move you closer and closer to who and what you want from life, and do it now.

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